From Japan

A gift from the nature

Best selected caviar

A product of most elaborate works

All the steps from aquaculture, raising,
processing to shipping are handled by S Caviar Labo

Enjoy our caviar which is produced
in the finest natural environment,
facilities and processing methods.

12 years of careful attention

So to deliver high quality caviar to you,
we will keep watching it here in Nakatsugawa, Gifu,
where I was born and raised.

Advanced Cleanroom Environment

Equipped with a room sterilizer, air showers,
disinfection vaults, caviar jar sterilizer, clean benches and etc.,
our state-of-the-art factory provides a perfectly sanitized environment.

Recognized by finest restaurants

Large sized, 3mm or larger, very rich and creamy. Shinya’s Caviar is endorsed by many famous restaurants in Japan.