The “S Caviar Labo”, the caviar processing facility, is located in the farm. This laboratory is a world class HACCP-compliant facility with thorough hygiene controls. Sturgeon from the fishpond adjacent to the lab are brought live into the facility.

labopassboxThe facility is equipped with a high-class clean room. After cleaning the sturgeon with electrolyzed water here, the roe is removed from their bellies and transported to the processing room through a pass box. Not only the room is thoroughly sterilized, but also equipment used in the process are stored in a sterilizing cabinet.

The roe are dismantled, cleaned, drained, salted and placed in a high perishable storage unit to allow the flavors to meld for a while. Once the flavors have been blended in, the caviar is bottles in jars that have been through the sterilizer.
Then the caviar is deep-frozen through our special freezing process and thoroughly quality-controlled. Deep frozen caviar gives out no drips when thawing.


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