Nakatsugawa City is surrounded by the Kiso Mountains and the Mino-Mikawa Plateau, with the Kiso River running through it. We make the most of this rich natural environment to raise sturgeon.


In this blessed location, we create an environment that is suitable for the sturgeon, purifying the water with the help of phytoplankton and keeping them in low density maintaining the inter-individual interference distance.

Animal welfare is a concept promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) that aims to raise livestock in a way that allows them to live a healthy life from birth to death, with as little stress as possible and with their behavioral needs met.

We succeeded in home-breeding sturgeon aquaculture in 2018 after years of effort and our caviar became genuine “made in Nakatsugawa”.

Our evolution never stops. We will continue to strive for better quality caviar and deliver S caviar Labo’s caviar from here in Nakatugawa to the world.



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